Butkų Juzės 11, LT-92228 Klaipėda

Tel. Nr. +370 686 57 515

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Butkų Juzės 11, LT-92228 Klaipėda

Tel. Nr. +370 686 57 515

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Butkų Juzės 11, LT-92228 Klaipėda

We repair cars

of various models in a quick and qualitative way

Our services

We guarantee full technical maintenance and service of your car

Our service has a team of experienced mechanics, therefore we offer thorough and qualitative computer diagnostics. We rely not only on professional equipment but also on our masters’ vast experience and excellent skills.

We offer engine repairs works – from checkup to full capital repairs of the engine. We have necessary professional equipment and are able to determine and efficiently solve any problem.

Are you looking for a place where you can have your car’s oil and filters changed quickly and for a reasonable price? Visit our service. We offer high quality services for a good price.

Are you looking for a place where you can have your car’s oil and filters changed quickly and for a reasonable price? Visit our service. We offer high quality services for a good price.

One needs to seek professional assistance immediately having noticed first signs of mechanical or automatic gearbox failure, its poor performance. This would reduce your expenses on repairs of any car.

Qualified masters of our service have perfect knowledge of this specific area of car repairs, therefore we find and fix problems in a prompt and qualitative manner.

We promote quick and qualitative service

Car repairs services we also offer:
  • Organization of technical inspection
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Repairs of chassis and suspension
  • Repairs of exhaust system
  • Repairs of mufflers and conditioners
  • Repairs of electronics system
  • Repairs of brake system and ABS checkup
  • Checkup of wheels geometry and alignment
  • Turning of brake discs
  • Tire service
  • Tire repairs
  • Wheel discs repairs
  • Wheel discs welding
  • Diagnostics and programming of wheel pressure sensors
  • Filling of conditioners
  • Disinfection of conditioners
  • Inspection and replacement of batteries
  • Change of oil and filters
We do car repairs as quickly as possible if we have all the necessary details on site. Our goal – car repairs in Klaipeda in one working day.
Is it time for your car’s technical inspection? Just leave your car with us – our team will inspect, repair it and you will get it with a valid certificate. This will take 1 to 2 working days, depending on the scope of required repairs works.
We have improved our working specifics, therefore we provide car repairs services at client-friendly prices.
We will take care of you and your car on the road: if you have run out of fuel, if your car is broken, in case of car accident, etc. Call us: +370 699 66 696

Car repairs and maintenance in Klaipeda

UAB "Vairas" has been working in the sphere of car service and maintenance for many years. A lot has changed in this time – from the motor vehicle park in the city to specifics of their maintenance and new technologies in the car industry. We were able to adjust to this dynamic and quickly changing market. Today the clients value their time, so we work hard to repair cars real fast. We understand how important it is for our time-sensitive clients.
  • uninterrupted working experience
  • a team of experienced professionals
  • organization of technical inspection from A to Z
  • 24/7 road recovery service
  • trade in details of various cars
  • prompt reaction to any problems and its solution

How does it work?


Our clients speak

“Professional and quality repair services. One of the most reliable garages in Klaipeda.”

“I really don’t know about machines, so I trust my own to professionals. We’ve been friends for years and have never been disappointed. I would also like to highlight the key feature of the Steering Wheel – operability. Living without a machine is almost impossible right now, so I really appreciate having the promised jobs done on time and planning your time.”

“I liked the communication between the service technicians – they clearly and sincerely identified the problems and their possible solutions. He did not seek the solution, but professionally advised. I recommend.”

Frequently asked questions

At our service we repair all car models, offroadsters and minivans.
We recommend to register in advance. Of course, if it’s a small repair (e.g.: to change a lamp, etc.), you don’t need to register. Yet, if you plan extensive repairs, we recommend to register. You can do it by phone +370 686 57 515 or e-mail info@vairas.lt
Yes. At our service all the repair works are done only by highly qualified personnel in line with highest requirements set by the car and spare parts manufacturers. If spare parts were bought from us we provide a š month guarantee for the work and details. If a client provides spare parts necessary for the car repairs or requires that their car be repaired not in compliance with technical standards (e.g.: wishes to change only one shock absorber, etc.), in this case our service may not provide any guarantee either for spare parts or for repair works. A shorter guarantee is provided in case of repairs of special vehicle (taxi, security service, police cars, etc.).
Replacement of details and other repair works may last different time. This depends on the car model (sometimes even on the version) and on peculiarities and difficulty of replacement of a certain part. At our service duration of repairs is strictly calculated in accordance with recommendations of car manufacturers for such works. We use special software to determine how long (in minutes, hours) one or another work would last. This figure is then multiplied by the hourly rate on that day. This is how we calculate total sum of the repairs works. Of course this price does not include the price of spare parts. Extra charges are applicable for them.

We repair cars of all models

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